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Some websites don't allow copying and pasting into input fields. Use this add-on to enable copying and pasting at sites that don't allow it.

Some sites will block copying and pasting certain fields on their websites, most often signing in at a site, or signing up at a website. Don't F*** With Paste is an extension that works in Firefox and Chrome that allows copying and pasting into fields that are blocked.

I was signing up for a service a few days ago and couldn't paste a password into the password field. I use LastPass to generate long passwords, and I really didn't want to manually input an eighteen character password with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters into the password field. I went looking for a way around it and found Don't F*** With Paste. Since I use multiple browsers I was happy to see that it works in not only Chrome and Firefox, but Vivaldi, Opera, and Waterfox.

To use it, add a site by clicking the icon in the toolbar and selecting Save. The site address is already filled in.
To be able to function properly, the extension needs to monitor when tabs are changed in the browser. The add-on is an open source project and the code is freely available at github.

For the most part I had to use the keyboard to copy and paste on the sites I used to test the extension. Highlighting and right clicking with the mouse to copy rarely functioned. Opera is the most consistent browser in allowing right click and copy using this add-on.
If you run into websites that don't allow you to copy or paste into fields give this extension a try. Get it here:

Chrome: Don't F*** With Paste (worked for me in Vivaldi and Opera)
Firefox: Don't F*** With Paste (worked for me Waterfox as well)

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Why was it necessary for the addon author to name his creation with a vulgar title?
Would it not have conveyed the same message with "Don't mess with paste"?
I am sure many more would be willing to install his app with this tamer title.
Personally, I am unwilling to install with its present naming.
Have we really stooped this low for this to be acceptable?

I can't speak to the developers intent. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I understand not using the add-on because of its name.
I see that particular word many places I wouldn't expect to see it - a cookbook title comes to mind, and other titles.
I see it increasingly used in the titles of articles from mainstream sites, which surprises me.
Here in the USA it appears to have become a part of the standard vocabulary for people in certain age groups and doesn't seem to have the same assocations/connotations for those groups that it does for those of us in older age groups.

Some websites are just too annoying to be bothered with. You log in with a complex 25 character password and then to download something, they insist you prove your not a robot by taking that dopey test.

CAPTCHA's can be difficult.

Could someone post a link to a site that blocks "copy/paste" please. I remember reading someplace eons ago that turning off javascript would bypass that as well as "no-right click", and would like to test that before installing another addon. Thank you.

I would add that with Firefox, my preference is to change the about:config settings rather than install an add-on.

Thanks, I'll go this route. :)

H&R Block is one site you can test. It blocks pasting of passwords from the clipboard via keyboard or mouse.
It offers to generate a strong password for you. If you use it, it will generate a password and autofill both password fields. The issue I had with the password generator was that the generated password threw up the message "Password must contain at least one special character".

It would seem their password generator doesn't know it's supposed to insert a special character when generating strong passwords. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have RightToCopy installed in Chrome, and H&R will not allow right click and paste using that extension.

If you're using Firefox, changing the clipboard events entry in about:config will unblock copy and paste in fields.
about:config > agree that you know this might void your warranty (if you haven't disabled it) > search for: dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled > double click to change the entry to false
It avoids installation of another add-on.

Thank you Rhiannon! Worked great!

I'm happy to hear it worked. :)

I also use multiple browsers & Opera is my default browser & the only one that couldn't install 'Don't Fuck With Paste". What steps did anyone succeed with installing this into Opera? I clicked on Chrome button & unlike Vivaldi, nothing happened. Any help? TY.

Works with Firefox Version 61.0.2

That's the version I'm using too.

Are there any security risks using this add-on or opening up password fields for copy and paste?

The only difference is that the copy and paste fields are blocked - if they were not blocked, they would behave the same way a field does. Unblocking the fieled doesn't, to the best of my knowledge, increase the standard risk of copying and pasting into a field. It's like a door - if the door is open, you can walk through it. If the door is closed, you can't walk through it. Either way, the door frame stays the same.

Good to know . Thanks very much for the explanation, Rhiannon!

Anytime. :)

If anyone can install this app from the link, you are a better man than me. Absolutely cannot find download button for Chrome? Can anyone help?

Discovered the problem was I was trying to install it on Opera...won't work. No problem on Chrome. Thanks for your help!

Chrome: Don't F*** With Paste (worked for me in Vivaldi and Opera). https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dont-fuck-with-paste/nkgllhigpcljnhoakjkgaieabnkmgdkb/ Put above address in your URL.

Thanks. Glad it worked.  :)

If you don't see the '+ Add to Chrome' blue button, you're either not in the Google web store, or you're not accessing the web store with Chrome (or any Chrome fork).
An easy way to tell if it's the latter is if the blue button reads 'Available on Chrome' instead of '+ Add to Chrome'.

Good tips, thanks.